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Arctic by Bill Kte'pi


ARCTIC is the story of an albino and a polar bear and the wacky hijinks which ensue when they meet in, you guessed it, the Arctic. Wacky hijinks which just may CHANGE THE WORLD.

Okay, not likely, but I need to get you to read somehow.

Bill Kte'pi is Arctic's creator, and yes, that's his real name (but the hair is fake). Kte'pi is a New Englander living in New Orleans, where on the one hand they have no blizzards (this is good), but on the other, they have no Moxie (this is bad). He's a writer, a Red Sox fan, a cat owner, a sandwich afficionado, and he can't draw worth a damn. This doesn't bother him, so don't let it bother you.

Great rewards will come to those who send him Moxie. Please make sure the bottle is closed, though. And that weird California Moxie which comes in odd flavors and doesn't have a Mister Moxie on the can/bottle? That doesn't count.

AlAl Bino.

Albert Middle-Name-Unrevealed Bino was born an albino: he lacks any pigment, leading to very pale skin, pink eyes, and colorless hair. That's why you can't see him -- it's not your monitor. Or Kte'pi's inability to draw.

Al seems to be in his 20s, although he remembers the early days of Luke and Laura on General Hospital, so it's possible he's been lost in the Arctic for so long that the cold has slowed his aging. Hey, don't tell me it's not possible, Mr Scientist Guy. Next you'll be saying polar bears can't talk.

He was born and raised in the greater Boston area, and knows thirty-two different people named Sully. It has not yet been revealed how he came to be lost in the Arctic -- he may not even remember.

PoePoe LeBear.

Poe Bears-Don't-Have-Middle-Names LeBear is a polar bear. That means he's all white. That's why all you can see are his claws. And yes, apparently he goes around with one paw hidden all the time. It has absolutely nothing to do with Kte'pi's inability to draw.

Why does a polar bear have a French name? It's a long story involving Russian dancing bears and French fur trappers.