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Escape Key, an acoustic filk trio. Go listen or the bear will eat you.
Aries Discordia Subversive Merchandise, home of the WWCD and Jesus Saves and Takes Half-Damage T-shirts (mugs, etc.)!
Wil Wheaton Dot Net, the coolest celebrity-related site on the planet.
Deep 7 Games, publishers of Santa's Soldiers, a roleplaying game by Kte'pi. Mugs and T-shirts too!
Masyanya, a series of Russian Flash cartoons.

The Secret Origin of Poe LeBear. by Bill Kte'pi
Part 1 of 24

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Arctic is a daily comic strip, accessible from the menu on the left. These 24 strips were composed as a 24 hour comic. Technically, I believe it's against the spirit of the 24 hour comic to use existing characters -- but I spent the first four hours working on a project which didn't pan out, and so fell back on things I knew I could do. Some day I'll do another, sticking closer to the center.

Everything here is copyright 2002 Bill Kte'pi -- but why on Earth would you want to steal it, anyway?

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